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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

fifteen hundred eighty two: illuminated

Today's look is a colorful casual look that was great for a day like today. It may not have been the best day ever, but it was definitely one where I was able to accomplish quite a bit. My outfit consists of a patterned five panel hat, a graphic printed sweatshirt, a paisley printed button up shirt, a belt and buckle, a pair of slim fit pants, and a pair of leather slip on sneakers. It ended up being almost just a little too much as far as layers as the day went on and the temperature got warmer, but it still worked out well and I hope the day went great for all of you, too!

Today I am wearing:
•Patterned five panel hat from Obey
•Graphic printed sweatshirt from H&M
•Paisley printed button up shirt from H&M
•Thrifted belt and buckle
•Slim fit pants from H&M
•Leather slip on sneakers from Toms