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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

fourteen hundred sixty four: sports town

Today's look was put together with the idea that today was going to be a very taxing day. And boy, was I right! Today required a lot of planning, a lot of replanning, and a lot of flexibility. I must say that there were a few times that I thought I was going to break, but I just took a few deep breaths and got back to business. This simple, comfortable, and sporty look definitely helped me stay grounded and focused on the tasks I had to complete and I'm happy that I made it through alive. My outfit consists of a five panel hat, a button up shirt, a braided belt, a pair of striped shorts, and a pair of sneakers. I hope that everyone else had it a little easier than I did today but in the case that any of you had a rough day too, I hope you learned and grew from it as opposed to being defeated by it!

Today I am wearing:
•Five panel hat from Obey
•Button up shirt from H&M
•Gifted braided belt
•Striped shorts from H&M
•Sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger