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Friday, December 4, 2015

fourteen hundred fifty nine: black and white

Today's look is a cool and casual rain deterring look that that is just as stylish as it is functional. It seems like there's going to be no end to the rain that we're expected to get this weekend and the best way to deal with that isn't to whine or complain about it, it's just something that needs to be accepted and then we can move on from there. My outfit consists of a faux leather five panel hat, a trench style jacket, a graphic printed tank top jersey, a basic t-shirt, a basic black belt, a pair of denim joggers, and a pair of sneakers. I know that the rain can sometimes put a damper on your weekend but, as long as you keep your head up and power through it, you can still have a great time in spite of the gloomy environment. And with that being said, I hope that, whether you all are dealing with rain or shine, you guys have an awesome start to your weekend!

Today I am wearing:
•Faux leather five panel hat from Urban Outfitters
•Trench style jacket from H&M
•Graphic printed Cassius Clay tank top jersey from Urban Outfitters
•Basic t-shirt from H&M
•Belt from H&M
•Denim joggers from H&M
•Sneakers from Adidas