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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

fourteen hundred forty nine: rusty rustic

Today's look was another simple casual look that I wore to try to remind myself to keep things simple throughout a day filled with a lot of things to do. It's getting to be that time in the retail season that there's a lot going on (even though I feel like that season is kinda year round sometimes). And the best way to stay sane and still accomplish all that you need to get done is to keep it simple. It may sound cliché to some but, in my opinion, it's the only way to get by. Today's outfit consists of a fedora, a metallic zip up jacket, a graphic printed t-shirt, a basic black belt, a pair of slim fit denim, and last but certainly not least, a brand new pair of leather slip on sneakers. I hope that the workload for all of you isn't too much to handle as we officially embark on the holiday season this year and I hope that everyone keeps their eyes on the prize and survives it this year! Before you know it, we will be ringing in 2016 and embarking on a brand new year to start fresh!

Today I am wearing:
•Fedora from Target
•Metallic zip up jacket from H&M
•Graphic printed t-shirt from Obey
•Belt from H&M
•511 slim fit denim from Levi's
•Leather slip on sneakers from Toms