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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

thirteen hundred ninety four: got the blues

Today's look is a great example of pattern mixing in an outfit while still going with a mostly casual and preppy silhouette. The look is also a very simple one with a monochromatic feel to it and a pop of red in the shoes added to break up the monotony a little bit. My outfit consists of a striped polo shirt, a pair of patterned drawstring shorts, and a pair of canvas sneakers. Today was one of those days where the simplicity of my outfit really came in handy because the rest of my day was very stressful and quite complex. I hope that you all are getting through the week successfully so far and if you're having any troubles, remember to keep it simple especially when everything else seems so difficult.

Today I am wearing:
•Striped polo shirt from Banana Republic
•Patterned drawstring shorts from H&M
•Canvas sneakers from Vans