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Friday, July 10, 2015

thirteen hundred twelve: oh preppy day

Today's look is a simple preppy look and even though I'm wearing shorts and have my sleeves rolled up as high as they can possibly go, it is still extremely hot and nearly unbearable when I'm in the direct sunlight. But that's okay! It's the middle of the summers and I live in an area where it's pretty much hot no matter what anyway. Today's outfit consists of a button up pocket shirt, a pair of drawstring shorts, and a pair of canvas sneakers. I'm doing my best to keep cool in the shade as much as I can today and I hope that you all make sure to do the same. I wouldn't want to see anyone overheat before we get to the weekend. So be sure to dress light, stay cool, and drink lots of water! And lastly, I hope today is a great end of the week for all of you!

Today I am wearing:
•Button up pocket shirt from H&M
•Drawstring shorts from H&M
•Canvas sneakers from Vans