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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

twelve hundred eleven: rep the prep

Today's look takes two of my favorite styles and mixes them together to make one solid look. Those styles are both a preppy style and the ever apparent street style that I'm always representing in some form or another. The garments in today's outfit that helped make this look possible today are a vintage polo shirt and a pair of slim fit denim. The accessories in today's outfit that also assist in rounding out the look are a velvet hat, basic belt, and a pair of high top leather sneakers. Not only does today's look give off a clean and fresh vibe, it also is very comfortable and was great for a day that had such a heavy work load. What are some of your favorite styles? Do you like to mix them up and make your own solid looks with them? I'd love to hear about it if you do! And lastly, I wish that you've all had a great day as we continue on throughout the week.

Today I am wearing:
•Velvet hat from Stüssy
•Polo shirt from Penguin
•Belt from H&M
•511 slim fit denim from Levi's
•High top leather sneakers from Urban Outfitters