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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

twelve hundred twelve: spring into pastels

What better way is there to start off the month of April than to wear one of your favorite pastel pieces? Today's look is a definite cool and casual look that is a great way to start off a brand new month by showing off some of spring's lighter colors. The silhouette of today's look is nearly identical to yesterday's look except for the substitution of a fedora today instead of yesterday's more casual hat. Today I chose to wear a pastel colored polo shirt with a pair of slim fit pants that contrast in color but still make for a good match. The accessories used in today's outfit include a fedora, a studded belt, and a pair of leather sneakers. Even as I'm starting to show off more spring and summer like colors, I'm still keeping it down to earth with my accessories that I use throughout almost every season. I hope that no one gets tricked too bad by any April fools jokes today and I hope that you all enjoy the first of the month!

Today I am wearing:
  • Fedora from Target
  • Pastel polo shirt from J Crew
  • Studded belt from H&M
  • Slim fit five pocket pant from H&M
  • Leather sneakers from Vans