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Saturday, February 28, 2015

eleven hundred eighty: gloomy day digs

Today's look is a big departure from the looks I've been wearing the past few days. The past few days have been mostly in celebration of the great warm weather we've been dealing with lately and the clear skies that came along with it. Today has started out to be just about the opposite. It's gloomy and rainy and I chose an outfit today that would assist in portraying that. Today's look is a casual street style look that features a plaid flannel button up shirt and a pair of slim fit denim. The accessories used in today's outfit are a black snap back hat that has a hint of red under the brim that matches well with the flannel shirt, a black studded belt, and a pair of black leather sneakers. This outfit is definitely not as spring esque as my most recent outfits, but I think that it works out great for a day like today. And lastly, I hope you all enjoy your weekend even as I prepare to work through most of mine!

Today I am wearing:
•Snap back hat from Stüssy
•Plaid flannel button up shirt from H&M
•Studded belt from H&M
•511 slim fit commuter denim from Levi's
•Leather sneakers from Vans