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Monday, January 5, 2015

eleven hundred twenty six: the cool down

I guess I spoke too soon yesterday when I was bragging about the warm weather and being able to wear shorts. It hasn't gotten too cold yet, but it is on it's way to getting there by the end of the week. Winter in Florida is a lot like Fall everywhere else. Today's look is reminiscent of a casual early fall look that is both preppy and comfortable. The thermal shirt can either be worn with the sleeves down or slightly rolled up depending on how the temperature progresses throughout the day. And I rarely ever wear beanies, but today felt like it was a great day for it. Lastly, the boots that I'm wearing are a pair that I haven't worn in quite some time and I can totally see myself wearing them more because they are so great for both the fall and winter seasons. Even though we won't be seeing ice and snow like up north, there will definitely be some knitwear, hoodies, and jackets that will be in use within the next couple of months. As most of you are going back to work after being off for the holidays, I am actually now off for the next three weeks so I can move down to Miami and take some time off just to get everything situated after the move before I start work at my new store. I hope that all of you have a great first day back to the real world and I'll be catching up with you soon!

Today I am wearing:

  • Beanie from H&M
  • Polo shirt from Tommy Hilfiger
  • Long sleeve thermal shirt from Gap
  • Belt from H&M
  • Slim fit five pocket pant from H&M
  • Boots from Doc Martens