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Saturday, January 24, 2015

eleven hundred forty five: doom and gloom

If we were to compare yesterday with today, it would essentially be night and day. Yesterday had clear skies, warm temperatures, and it was overall a beautiful day. And today is more of an overcast, gloomy, and slightly cool day. But even though there is a drastic change in the environmental elements of the day, the looks from yesterday to today are not all that different. Today's look is a casual look that features a white long sleeve button up shirt (with the sleeves rolled up) and a brown pair of slim fit pants. The accent color used in today's shoes and accessories is black. You can find it in the snap back hat, belt, and the leather sneakers. The only major difference in today's outfit, when you compare it to yesterday's outfit, is the use of the white button up shirt which is much brighter than any of the colors used in yesterday's outfit and is being used to help offset the gloomy feeling of the day. And whether you're dealing with gloomy or beautiful weather today, I hope that you all have a great first day to your weekend!

Today I am wearing:
•Snap back hat from Stüssy
•Button up shirt from H&M
•Belt from H&M
•Slim fit five pocket pant from H&M
•Argyle socks from Target
•Lesther sneakers from Vans