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Friday, January 23, 2015

eleven hundred forty four: on the dock

Today's look is a simple look with simple garments. I'm wearing a polo shirt, slim fit denim, canvas sneakers, and a reflective five panel hat. Nothing too fancy or snazzy about today's outfit itself, but the beautiful weather we're having today is a great accessory to such a simple outfit. I've been hanging out on the dock that is in the backyard of my apartment complex this morning, and I must say that it is one of those gorgeous Miami days that you always hear about or picture when you think about it. It's in the middle of winter and while everyone else is bundling up, I'm trying to figure out how to stay cool while still dressing the way that I want to. I'm definitely not complaining about it one bit, though. I hope that the rest of you all that are having to brave the cold winter have a great day regardless of the freezing temperatures and those that are with me in the warmth of the Florida winter, I hope you all have a great day as well!

Today I am wearing:
  • Reflective five panel hat from Hall of Fame
  • Polo shirt from J Crew
  • Studded belt from H&M
  • 511 slim fit commuter denim from Levi's
  • Socks from Target
  • Canvas sneakers from Vans