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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

one thousand sixteen: fall for it

It's not starting to get cold (or even cool) outside and there are definitely no leaves changing colors as of yet (Ha! It's central Florida, that "as of yet" might not necessary at all). But the fall season is upon us as I've been talking about for the past few weeks and I'm happy to not only be dressing like it, but even at work as of today we started our fall fashion campaign and I couldn't be happier! I can't believe that September is already half way over and soon we'll start really getting into the season with some cooler temperatures and a need for outfits with layers! Today's look is a bit of a Florida fall transitional look. It's a casual look that has both an average casual male style to it as well as some streetwear flair. I know that it's just wishful thinking, but I really do hope that the temperatures start to cool down sooner rather than later. But in the meantime while I'm waiting, I'll just have more time to plot out and plan my outfits for when they are ready to be worn and displayed. But anyway, I hope that you all are enjoying the fall season so far wherever you may be regardless of the fact that it may not feel like it just yet!

Today I am wearing:
•Faux leather five panel hat from Urban Outfitters
•Plaid flannel button up shirt from H&M
•Dipset t-shirt from Fresh Talent
•Belt from H&M
•Slim fit five pocket pant from H&M
•Socks from Target
•Canvas slip on sneakers from Vans