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Sunday, September 7, 2014

one thousand six: con-denim-nation

Yesterday I briefly mentioned that there was a period a few years ago where I stopped wearing denim jeans. If you've been following for a while, you'll know that I've definitely talked about it at more length in past posts as well. I never had anything against denim jeans themselves, but my issue was that I used them as a fashion crutch basically. The best solution that I came up with to break the habit was to cut them out of my wardrobe completely and force myself to have more of a variety when it came to pant choices. That solution proved to be a great success and I'm still glad that it's something I took action on even though it may seem like a silly thing to be happy about. Nowadays I don't look at denim jeans as something to wear when I'm feeling lazy, I style them with a certain outfit just like I would any other kind of pant. In today's case, the look is very similar to yesterday's look. The silhouette and garment choices are pretty much identical as well. And as you can see, just because I'm wearing jeans today, it doesn't make the look seem any less put together than yesterday's outfit did. If you feel like you have a garment that's become a crutch for you in those lazy times, don't be afraid to cut it off and break that habit. Soon enough you'll bring it back and use it to your advantage as opposed to your convenience. I hope the rest of the weekend has treated you all well and left you refreshed to start a brand new week!

Today I am wearing:
•Denim jacket from H&M
•Polo shirt from Tommy Hilfiger
•Belt from H&M
•511 commuter slim fit denim from Levi's
•Gifted patterned socks
•Creeper sneakers from T.U.K.