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Friday, September 5, 2014

one thousand four: driving mr. mannswear

Today's look is a great casual weekend inspired look that is very fitting for the second day of my four day weekend. Unlike the majority of people, I had to work all the way through the holiday weekend last week, so now I'm getting some much deserved time off. It's better late than never! Today's outfit kinda has me feeling like how a chauffeur might dress on the weekend or after they get off work which is why the title of today's post is what it is. But really, I just feel very comfortable and relaxed in today's outfit and it matches very well with how my day and weekend overall so far is going. And I hope that all of you can find some time to kick back and relax this weekend, too!

Today I am wearing:
•Cabbie hat from H&M
•Button up shirt from H&M
•Studded belt from H&M
•Slim fit five pocket pant from H&M
•Argyle socks from Target
•Leather sneakers from Vans