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Monday, March 28, 2016

fifteen hundred seventy four: jumpman jumpman jumpman

Today's look was a great continuation of the spring colors and vibes mixed with some bold and neutral colors to come together and make a solid outfit. Some people are always bummed out on Mondays and I'm definitely not that kind of person (not most of the time at least). My outfit consists of a patterned five panel hat, a zip up velour hoodie, a graphic printed pocket t-shirt, a leather belt, a pair of slim fit pants, and a pair of sneakers. To show my excitement for the start of the week I decided to show it off by jumping in my photo today and after a couple tries with the timer camera, I nailed it! I hope that you all have had a great start to your week and I hope it only gets better!

Today I am wearing:
•Patterned five panel hat from Urban Outfitters
•Zip up velour hoodie from H&M
•Graphic printed pocket t-shirt from H&M
•Leather belt from H&M
•Slim fit five pocket pant from H&M
•Sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger