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Sunday, December 20, 2015

fourteen hundred seventy five: layer please

Today's look is one that should have required an extra layer, but the weather was a little warmer this morning than it is now. So today's look is actually a simple, casual, sporty weekend style look that is comfortable enough for me to get through a very busy day. Since it's the last weekend day before Xmas, I knew we'd be extremely busy at work today. And I was right! My outfit consists of a polo shirt, a braided belt, a pair of slim fit denim, and a pair of sneakers. I hope that everyone got all the rest they needed this weekend to prepare for the holidays this week coming up and I hope you all have a good week ahead!!

Today I am wearing:
•Polo shirt from J Crew
•Gifted braided belt
•Slim fit denim from H&M
•Sneakers from Onitsuka Tiger