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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

thirteen hundred sixty six: fall prep

Today's look is one of my absolute favorite kind of looks. It was almost a little too hot out to wear something like this, but I dealt with it anyway. This is a classic preppy kind of outfit that I haven't been wearing too much of lately due to the heat, but sometimes you just gotta wear what you want regardless of your surroundings. Today's outfit consists of a fedora, a checkered button up shirt, a patterned belt, a pair of slim fit pants, and a pair of loafers. Fall is definitely heavily on my mind right now and I'm glad that it's here whether it feels like it or not. I hope you all had a great day today and if your week is going like mine so far, it's just flying by. If not, don't fret because the end of the week is right around the corner!

Today I am wearing:
•Fedora from Target
•Thrifted checkered button up shirt
•Gifted patterned belt
•Slim fit five pocket pants from H&M
•Loafers from Sperry