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Saturday, August 29, 2015

thirteen hundred sixty two: diplomatic

Today's look was literally thrown together minutes after waking up and minutes after leaving the house for work this morning. It was one of those rushed kind of mornings because I slept just a little bit past when my alarm was supposed to wake me. Luckily I was still on time to work as always and I still think I was able to throw together a cool and casual weekend style look for the day. Today's outfit consists of a five panel hat, a graphic printed t-shirt, a pair of drawstring shorts, and a pair of canvas sneakers. Once I made it into work today, everything else went smoothly and I hope that you all enjoyed the first day of your weekend as much as I did!

Today I am wearing:
•Five panel hat from Obey
•Graphic printed Dipset t-shirt from Fresh Talent
•Drawstring shorts from H&M
•Canvas sneakers from H&M