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Thursday, August 27, 2015

thirteen hundred sixty: overcast prep

Today's look is a casual preppy look that's perfect for an overcast day like today. Even though it doesn't feel like fall yet, the overcast weather is still giving off a bit of a fall vibe anyway. Today's outfit consists of a cabbie hat, a striped polo shirt, a basic black belt, a pair of slim fit pants, and a pair of Air Force 1's to give the outfit a bit of an edge to it. I'm getting ready to go spend my afternoon and evening at work and I hope that you all are having a great day already whether it's cloudy or sunny where you are! The week is almost coming to a close and we've almost made it all the way through. So that's definitely something to be happy about!

Today I am wearing:
•Cabbie hat from H&M
•Striped polo shirt from Banana Republic
•Belt from H&M
•Slim fit five pocket pants from H&M
•Air Force 1's from Nike