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Sunday, April 19, 2015

twelve hundred thirty: workin' it

Today's look was a great way to end a weekend filled with just about all of my time spent at work and any free time in between was mostly spent either resting or sleeping in preparation for the next day. Not much is going to change for the next two days since I'll be needing to start my week off strong even after coming off of such a busy weekend. I guess that's why I was given last weekend off of work to be able to gear up for the next two weeks which will continue to be very busy and very draining. Today I went with a very simple casual and comfortable look. I'm wearing a five panel hat, a striped v neck t-shirt, a pair of joggers, a pair of striped socks, and a pair of high top leather sneakers. It didn't take much to put this outfit together and it helped keep me sane throughout the day. Whether you got to enjoy a relaxing weekend today or if you spent it at work like me, I hope that it was a great weekend for you regardless. Now let's start off this new week with a bang!

Today I am wearing:
•Five panel hat from Hall of Fame
•Striped v neck pocket t-shirt from Urban Outfitters
•Belt from H&M
•Joggers from Publish
•Socks from Target
•High top leather sneakers from Urban Outfitters