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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

sixteen hundred four: pop of red

Today's look is still keeping with the sporty theme I've been going with for the past week but I decided to prep it up a little bit today. It's definitely still a casual and comfortable look but just a little less of the traditional sporty activewear look like yesterday. My outfit consists of a faux leather five panel hat, a zip up windbreaker, a striped button up shirt, a braided belt, a pair of denim joggers, and a pair of leather slip on sneakers. The highlight of this outfit is totally the red Members Only windbreaker since it brings such a bold pop of color to an otherwise bland colored outfit. Today is the last day before a very important day at work and I'm hoping that we can all pull everything together to show how successful we really can be. I hope that you all are continuing to have a great week and keep pushing through to get to the weekend!

Today I am wearing:
•Faux leather five panel hat from Urban Outfitters
•Windbreaker from Members Only
•Striped button up shirt from Kenneth Cole
•Gifted braided belt
•Denim joggers from H&M
•Leather slip on sneakers from Vans